Generalised Management Strategy Evaluation

The GMSE package integrates game theory and ecological theory to construct social-ecological models that simulate the management of populations and stakeholder actions. These models build off of a previously developed management strategy evaluation (MSE) framework to simulate all aspects of management: population dynamics, manager observation of populations, manager decision making, and stakeholder responses to management decisions. The newly developed generalised management strategy evaluation (GMSE) framework uses genetic algorithms to mimic the decision-making process of managers and stakeholders under conditions of change, uncertainty, and conflict. All simulations can be run using the gmse() function.

The R package GMSE is available on GitHub and the Comprehensive R Archive Network (CRAN). To install, consult the README file available on GitHub. The software is being developed by Brad Duthie as part of the ConFooBio project. This page will be updated as necessary, and problems or requests for new features can be introduced on the GMSE GitHub issues page or Wiki, or emailed to Brad.

GMSE simulations can also be run directly from a browser via shiny.